Case Studies

How we help clients achieve their goals

Firedrive Marketing Group provides clients with the complete range of strategic marketing services. No matter the size or nature of the project, we take the time to really understand the business, the target audience, and competitive landscape before developing an effective strategy or recommendation. We tailor our team and services to fit the unique needs and budget of each of our clients. Our focus is always on helping you achieve your goals and accelerate your growth.

Repositioning an Established Non-Profit Brand

A non-profit organization was concerned that it had a brand image issue with both its donor base and prospective donors.
Firedrive conducted a target market survey to pinpoint perception of the brand. The study found that there were no negative issues associated with the brand, but there was an awareness issue. With this information in hand, we took the professional and volunteer leaders of the organization through an in-depth positioning workshop, which led to the development of a new positioning and brand essence.
This strategic work laid the foundation for the marketing strategy, including the development of a new logo and messaging as well as branding guidelines. This met the goal of ensuring that the organization and all its partners had consistent and engaging messaging in all communications to help build positive awareness of the organization and its work.
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Developing an Ingredient Brand

A start-up that developed a technology that can be used to power a number of different products was using a brand that did not resonate with potential end-users and left them unclear about what the technology did and how it could be used. Before asking their manufacturing partners to add their “ingredient brand” (a product that’s an integral part of another product, like Intel or Teflon, rather than something that’s sold directly to the consumer) to all of the consumer packaging and marketing materials, the company needed to develop a brand that communicated the technology’s features and benefits to the consumer. Firedrive identified the need to create an ingredient brand that spoke for itself and didn’t require a robust marketing budget to support it.
Firedrive brainstormed potential names based on available trademarks and URLs that delivered on the brand positioning statement. Once a short-list was agreed upon with the client, we tested the prospective names, logo treatments, and taglines with the target audience to get quantifiable feedback...
The outcome of the research was definitive and a new brand was born. Firedrive then developed branding guidelines and graphic standards for use by the client’s partners whose products include the technology. We also implemented the new name, logo, and tagline throughout all of the client’s communications and marketing materials. To bring the new brand to life in a consistent way across all marketing and communications channels, Firedrive also developed a marketing brochure, trade show materials, updated website, and other marketing materials with a consistent look and feel, including the use of proprietary photography.